The Watchman Watch is an-online project dedicated to Alan Moore’s and Dave Gibbon’s graphic novel Watchmen, and in particular to the book’s subsequent permutations, in prequel and sequel comics denounced by Moore, in comics that enter into a dialogue with Watchmen without actually appropriating the characters and setting, in Zach Snyder’s film adaptation, and in Damon Lindelof’s television “remix” on HBO starting in 2019.

Intended for scholars, fans, and anyone in between, The Watchman Watch provides a broader context to viewers encountering Watchmen for the first time through the HBO series, while also engaging longtime Watchmen readers in a dialogue about adaptation, transmedia, and the ethics of intellectual property. Jargon is to be kept at a minimum.

The first dozen posts are about the book and its various afterlives through October 2019, that is, just before the premiere of the HBO show. Once the show begins its regular schedule, this blog will feature weekly essays about the episodes as they are released.

This project is presented with the cooperation of Cornell University Press, which will also be hosting my upcoming book/digital comics scholarship project, Marvel Comics in the 1970s: The World Inside Your Head.